A Vilayet is a three-staged creature of the unknown. The creature gains additional abilities as it transforms and moves from one stage through another. It’s final goal is the creation of a breach in the veil between the Never-Never and the real world. The creature will bring through a series of Dawnstones as a means of increasing the number of Vilayet in a given area. villain’s are generally exceptionally egotistical and generally are unable to stand the company of their own kind. It is unclear how Vilayets mate considering they are most commonly solitary creatures.

The Vilayet is a parasitic metamorphic creature, existing in three different and distinct stages of existence. The three stages are Dawnshard, Vilayet Host, and Vilayet. In order for a Vilayet to mature, they must inhabit a host. While they are capable of inhabiting any living creature, they prefer to inhabit an intelligent creature. They will readily inhabit another creature of the Unknown or a human subject.

In the case that a Vilayet has selected a creature to inhabit, the Vilayets power becomes available to the host in addition to its own abilities.

The creature begins its lifecycle as a glimmering stone, commonly known as a DawnShard. In this form the shard appears as a fragment of multicolored crystal. It seems to possess an interior light, which is enticing. The shard emanates a dim psychic energy that compels individuals to want to possess it.

Upon being picked up by the host, the crystal merges into the hosts hand, granting the host miraculous abilities.

The second stage is the Vilayet Host. While technically, the moment that the Dawnshard is picked up, the host is infested, the second stage of the transformation does not occur until the shard reaches the host’s heart. At this moment, the second stage of the creatures evolution begins, granting additional abilities to the host cumulative to those already possessed.

The speed at which this stage is reached depends upon the rapidity that the host uses its new abilities. Once this stage is reached the host begins to transform physically. Their body begins to harden, taking on a stone-like appearance. The host is also affected by a visual glamour that hides the appearance of their transformation.

As with the transformation between the first and second stage, the speed of transformation between the second and final stage is dependent upon the rapidity at which the host uses the abilities it has been granted.


Once the host reaches the third stage of the transformation, they lose all sense of personal identity, and are overcome by the completed transformation of the Vilayet. In this final stage, the individual host ceases to exist. Once reaching the third stage of transformation, there are no known methods to restore a host to their original state.

If the transformation is somehow stopped before it reaches the final stage, there is a belief that the transformation can be reversed, although it is unclear how this is done.



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