Veneficas Forum


The Veneficas Forum or Witches Market is a section of Rome, located in the old Trajan’s market. It is hidden behind a glamour veil, and maintained by a coven of Witches known as The Tribus.

The market is open after sunset and closes promptly at dawn. There are a large number of herbs, foci, and similar components for ritual magic and thaumaturgy for sale here.

However, the market does not deal in currency, but instead uses a barter system to make transactions.

It is difficult to locate the Market, as a glamour veil prevents the uninitiated from accidentally finding themselves in the Marketplace. In this way, the market’s magical shroud, gently influences those not seeking the market to go another direction.

The Market is not Neutral Ground as defined by the Unseelie Accords. As such, there are some creatures of the Unknown operating here. These include Necromancers, Demonic Forces, Hags, Seelie Fae, Unseelie Fae and Red Court Vampires.

Despite this, there is little real danger of an attack here, as the Tribus maintain order within the confines of the Market.


Veneficas Forum

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