Unseelie Accords

The Unseelie Accords are a set of agreements (like the Geneva Conventions) that govern behavior between its signatories, who are the major powers of the magical world. The Accords include protocols for etiquette, hospitality, formal duels, and neutral ground, among other things. They were instigated by the Queen of the Winter Court ( Unseelie Court).

The following are known portions of the Accords:

  1. There is no spirit of the law, only its letter.
  2. Beings have license to deliver and receive messages, and to have safe passage granted them so long as they do not instigate violence.
  3. Part of a pledge of safe passage or conduct is the promise not to drug any directly offered food or drink. If it is targeted at a group, rather than a specific individual, however, then it is acceptable.
  4. If a member of the Accords is killed by another member of the Accords, one who has close relations to the deceased can demand a weregild in compensation for their death.
  5. Certain places can be signed on as Accorded Neutral Territory (such as The Seventh Son). This means that signatories of the Accords do not start any conflict on the premises, and are bound by their honor to take any fights outside.
  6. An individual can sign onto the Accords as a freeholding lord:
  7. The signatory is entitled to rights under the Accords, such as right of challenge.
  8. To be signed on, the potential signatory must have three current members of the Accords vouch for them.
  9. Should a member of one faction wrong another faction, the aggrieved party has the right to challenge their enemy to single combat. The dueling laws are based on the Code Duello.

Known Signatories

The Archive
The Athanteen
John Taleton
Order of the Blackened Denarius
Seelie Court
Unseelie Court
White Court
Black Court
Red Court
Jade Court
Knights of the Cross
Roman Catholic Church
Venatori Umbrata


Unseelie Accords

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