Universe of Man


The Universe of Man, or the Real World, is the portion of the universe that contains everything not included beyond the Outer Gates. The Never-Never, Kemet as well as our world exist within the universe of Man.

The Outer Gates mark the only known boundary between The Beyond, which is inhabited by the Old Ones and their Outsiders. The Gates are a place where these two very different universes intersect.

Since before memory, it has been a weak point between the universes, and the forces of the Old Ones are constantly at war to capture it and hold it long enough to invade and consume the Universe of Man. The Gate is located well at the farthest known expanses of the Never-Never, and falls under the jurisdiction of the Unseelie Court.

In the Ancient Days of Atlantis, the Old Ones used an artifact to open a portal directly to the Earth, bypassing the gate and allowing them to invade. The artifact was stolen from the Outsiders and locked away. The Athanteen killed the Old One Premiogothiq, ending the threat. However, they lost their homeland and were forever tainted by the blood of the Old One.

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Universe of Man

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