The Illuminated


The Illuminated , are a secret society that is dedicated to the service of the Old Ones.

The group is comprised of an unknown number of members, each of which participate in a ritual where they consume the blood of an Outsider.

This makes them dangerous. The group often hide their agenda by infiltrating other groups. In 1936 a member of the Illuminated was discovered in Rome. He had created a false SAVE office in Rome, recruited Envoys, and conducted investigations all under the auspices of SAVE. The other members of the SAVE office were unaware that they were working for a shadow organization.

The Illuminated hunt creatures of the Never-Never and collect Artifacts for the purpose of forwarding the agendas of their inhuman masters.

They are the Sworn Enemy of the Venatori Umbrata. Recently they have allied themselves with the Abiectio Venatores to reduce their mutual enemies.

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The Illuminated

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