The 9

The 9 (Nine) is a cult of Esoteric individuals each of which are capable of minor thaumaturgic abilities.

The individuals each use a special name of power as their identity. This name is used in all rituals and ceremonies undertaken by the 9.

The members are:

  1. Erato
  2. Adolis
  3. Belkino
  4. Clymenestra
  5. Ivaro

Deceased Members

  1. Rhesus
  2. Melpomene
  3. Clio
  4. Solon
  5. Asia

Each member of the 9 carries a small magnifying glass pendant around their neck. Each of the members possess limited Thaumaturgical abilities, some stronger than others. The source of their power isn’t known, but it may not be a natural ability, but one granted to them by some unknown force.

The group came to the attention of the Vatican City SAVE Office in 1936 during an investigation.

The 9

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