Scroll of Divine Purification


In 1936, upon the reunification of the Aspects of the Kemet-Ra and the complete restoration of the Cosmic Balance, Hans “Oliver” Erich Merbach was granted a scroll of magical incantations that would hopefully reverse any affliction from which he was currently suffering. This is called the Scroll of Divine Purification.


  • 1 talent weight of the body taken from the tears of the innocent, prepared through nigredo
  • 1 shekel blood of an orchid
  • 1 sacred mina primordial water of the abyss
  • 1 white crystal shard from the roots of the world tree, weighing 3 talents
  • 1 stone of Onyx carved with the Ursymbol, weighing 2 talents
  • 1 stone retrieved from the axis-mundi, powdered to measure one-half talent
  • 3 Dekhoda rendered of the Huma Bird
  • 1 Feather of the Roc
  • 1/2 talent of Phoenix ash
  • 1/2 talent weight of the soul
  • 3 talents quicksilver
  • 1 sacred mina of a virgin’s menstrual blood
  • 1 large beaten Venus bowl, the bottom ridged
  • 1 mortar made of paste of a sacred ram’s horns.
  • 1 tub of fashioned of pure luna
  • 3 talents weight, powdered mars
  • 3 rods of Solar Kyphi.
  • 1 Large granite stone pedestal
  • clean water
  • ash wood
  • willow wood
  • black walnut wood/ash

Instruction and Ritual

This incantation must be undertaken upon the first day of the new moon.

Upon the place of preparation make thereby a circle of the transformation. The chalked symbol of Fire surrounded by the finest ring of powdered mars. At the conjoined apex- in unison place there, one each, Dekhoda. Alight each using a single rod of Kyphi. Placing the smoldering rod along the route of fire, until completed.

Then place the bowl of Venus into the position of the sun, provide appellations to the five goddesses, in succession reversed.

Place within the bowl first phoenix ash, and thicken with the menstrual blood of a virgin. Use these the mortar, grinding upon the base of venus to increase vigor and insure admixture. To this, add the soul and body, mixing to uniform color and thickness. To this next, while invoking the sacred waters, admix to this blood of orchid and the whole of the primordial water.

Next, with great vigor admix the quicksilver, this forming a thick mixture much like that of a baker’s dough. To this, form into cakes and look complete drying. Upon their completion, they shall appear as soap with silvered hue.

After these have been prepared and dried for a complete lunar cycle, then you must begin the second series of preservation.

Place then your tub fashioned of pure Luna, sufficient to encompass the entire recipient, upon a raised stone dais of granite. This tone is to be surrounded by a ring of black walnut ash. Upon this stone, nightly at the hour of the witch you must pour a minimum of six sacred mina of water purified by fires consuming only the seasoned wood of the ash tree. Such waters must be prepared upon the night they are to be used. This inundation must take place each night without fail for a fortnight, and must wash away the circle surrounding the stone.

When this is complete, the third and final stage is ready to begin.

Upon the first night of the full moon, you must fill the tub crafted of pure luna with water purified by fires consuming only willow wood. Into this water you must place the recipient, once the temperature is of comfortable agreement. Therein, you shall dissolve the cakes priory made, and add unto this the stone powered axis-mundi.

Beneath this tub, must be placed- centered below the recipient, the Onyx stone. Then into the water is to be placed the white crystal from the root of the world tree. The charm of transformation is to be recited three times three times, while bringing the feather of the roc and wafting the sacred smoke over the recipient and surface of the waters within. Continue to burn the feather until it is consumed in whole.

The recipient is to remain in the tub, until such time as the crystal dissolves completely. When this is done, the recipient will emerge, silvered of skin. The silver must be left unmolested through a full solar cycle, and can only then be removed.

Upon completing this final task, the change is undone, and restored to completion.


  • A Dekhoda is a liquid unit of measure derived from the volume contained within an alchemical cup in Persian (Iranian Mythology) known as the cup of Jamshid. The contents of which vary, most offer the ability to scry distant places. One of the more interesting liquids is a material known as the Elixir of the Huma Bird. This elixir is made from purified water from the Tigris River, the rendered fat of the legendary Huma Bird and a touch of cinnamon and clove oil, to make it palatable. This elixir is a powerful healing draught, capable of healing all physical wounds and in some cases even restoring the dead to life. if drank while healthy, the draught confers immortality to the imbiber. The cup itself is not needed for this ingredient, just the correct volume of liquid made accurately. This prepared elixir when left overnight in the light of a full moon, consolidates into a thick waxy natural candle. This candle is also known as a Dekhoda. Each is made using the same elixir and the same volume and must be exact.

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Scroll of Divine Purification

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