Old Ones


The Old Ones are an ancient race of very powerful beings. They depend on mortal memory of their power to retain a connection to our realm. They were significantly strengthened by the various publications of H. P. Lovecraft. His Cthulhu Mythos is based upon glimpses of the Old Ones received during spiritualist rituals.

As a result the Venatori have marked Lovecraft as a major enemy against humanity. Since the publication of his first Cthulu Mythos book in 1928, the power of the Old Ones has been on the rise.The Venatori have attempted to destroy him on multiple occasions, but seem to be unable to do so. It is believed that the Old Ones have sent some of the Outsider servants and foot soldiers to protect him.


The Old Ones once ruled the mortal world, but were later been cast out and locked away from reality. Even today, the Venatori Umbrata seek to wipe out the Old Ones in the Oblivion War

The Outsiders have traditionally been their servants and foot soldiers. These creatures are rare and powerful, but seem to be able to travel between the Outer Gates and our universe with mortal assistance.


Old Ones

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