Nazi Embassy Rome


The Nazi Embassy in Rome is the primary Nazi Facility in the city. While on initial inspection the Embasy handles the diplomatic relations for Nazi Germany to the Italian Government and supports it’s citizens, it is also the central point for gestapo operations in Rome.

There are 20 military personnel assigned to the protection of the Embassy. They are under the direct command of Oberstlieutenant Karl Sturmer, a highly decorated SS officer.

In 1936, Oberstkaptain Stefan Vogel and Eva Von Bock, both members of the Sturmreitter Division used Sturmer and his men to conduct a raid against Kemet in which four spaces of the Kemet-Ra were stolen and sealed in four Canonic Jars, which were in turn placed within a sealed and warded Canopic Chest.

In addition to the presence of the Sturmreitter members, a SAVE Envoy from the Berlin SAVE Office also arrived there. His name was Kurt Heinrich Helck, and he was a member of the Abwehr, the Surmreitter and SAVE.

He aided the Vatican City SAVE Office by providing them information on the embassy personnel.


Nazi Embassy Rome

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