Mesha Stele


The Mesha Stele is a black onyx stele recovered in 1934 at Tall Al-Ajjul in the Gaza Strip. The Stele, was written in an unknown dialect of Cananite, and so was considered quite valuable. It was named after the Archeologist that discovered it. It is small for a stele, measuring 3 inches thick, 12-inches tall and

The Stele was recovered in an outer chamber under the remains of an ancient Cananite Temple on the site. This outer chamber was connected to a well hidden chamber that contained some terrible creatures of the Unknown.

The day after the Stele was shipped to the university of Austria, in Tyrol, the archeologists decided to open this chamber. This proved a terrible mistake, as the creatures within, escaped, slaughtering the work crew.

Only Hans “Oliver” Erich Merbach escaped the site alive. It was clearly an encounter that drove Oliver to eventually join SAVE, although it is unclear exactly what the creatures were, or how Oliver managed to escape them.


Mesha Stele

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