Library of Esoteric Studies


The Library of Esoteric Studies is a section of the Vatican Museum under the authority and control of Father Martin Fletcher. The Library acts as the central office for the Vatican City SAVE Office and is protected by a number of esoteric wards, sigils and symbols designed to maintain the integrity and safety of the members and the documents inside.

The Library boasts a massive collection of documents. They range from scrolls once housed in the Library of Alexandria, to Medieval Manuscripts, Ancient Egyptian Scrolls, Sumerian clay tablets, Aramaic and Hebrew Scrolls and Texts from Classical Greece and Rome.

Father Fletcher, has used a combination of Latin, Aramaic and Hebrew Alphabetizing to confuse anyone casually browsing. In this way, he is always involved in any attempts by visiting individuals conducting research. This allows him to monitor and in some cases limit access to the more dangerous texts stored within the library.

As a section of the Museum’s collection, the quality and authenticity of the collected works are unquestionable. They include a large number of unique texts, very rare documents and exceptionally valuable books. Every text in the collection is related to Thaumaturgy, folklore, pagan religions, hedge magic, witchcraft, demonology, and bestiaries of a supernatural sort.

This collection is unparalleled in the Vatican or in SAVE. As such, Fletcher is often called upon by other SAVE offices to provide information on obscure creatures or phenomenon.


Library of Esoteric Studies

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