Jade Palace


The Jade Palace is a Chinese Jazz Club located in the Cinese Quartiere (Chinese Quarter) in Rome. The club is located in the corner lot of the block and bears a large billboard in Chinese above its storefront.

The jazz club is located in the rear of a Chinese Apothecary shop. It is a traditional speak easy, in the American Style. Access to the club is made by password only, at which point visitors are admitted to the club for dancing, drinking and carousing.


The Apothecary is connected to adjacent buildings, which house some illegal or questionable activities. With the correct connections, one can access an Opium Den, Chinese Brothel, Rat-Baiting Arena, and Mahjong Parlor.

The Jazz club is reputed to be a front for a Chinese Mafia group known as the Triads.

In 1936, the Vatican City SAVE Office was involved in an investigation centered around this location.

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Jade Palace

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