The Gorgomanteroxerix is one of the oddest outsiders to be cataloged. The Outsider is most commonly seen in massive numbers, where they act as a sort of shock trooper for the Old Ones. They are tough and resilient to damage, and equipped with powerful piercing weapons, venomous whip-like tendrils and jagged serrated teeth.

They are completely immune to all forms of Thaumaturgy, making it very difficult to kill them, especially since physical damage is their only real weakness.

The creatures are best known for their unexpected speed and agility. They can climb smooth vertical surfaces, leap tremendous distances and strike with lightning reflexes. Their exceptional coordination allow them to engage multiple enemies simultaneously, making them efficient and effective war machines.

They generally only appear in large numbers during massive gatherings, where they serve to engage more effective foes in combat, either singularly or in groups.

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