A Behemoth is one of the largest Outsiders capable of crossing into the Never-Never as they desire. They are relatively intellectually dim, and move without any significant purpose beyond the consumption of food. They are Omnivores, and are capable of eating almost anything. They excrete massive poisonous pellets that kill all surrounding life for nearly 2,000-yards in every direction.

The Behemoth is a force of unrestrained and un-directed very random destruction. They are just as likely to move through a inhabited area as not to do so, with no real preference in any case.

They possess massive tentacles suspended from beneath their bodies that they use to draw up into their gut for consumption.

They are massive, easily 30-stories tall. Their massive size make them hard to bring down, but beyond their incredible resilience, they are relatively straight-forward in a fight.

Behemoths are usually seen singly, although occasionally they may appear in a very small herd. There are rumors of entire portions in the Beyond, where massive herds of Behemoths roam, stripping the ground barren, consuming everything they can grasp.

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