Athenaeum Arcana


The Athenaeum Arcana is a special section of the Vatican Secret Archives, where a number of dangerous and ancient esoteric artifacts and tomes reside. This section of the Archives is located underground, and is accessible only through a secret entryway from the main library.

A number of magical wards and protective spells are in place to prevent the items contained within from influencing the librarians. They also make accessing the vaulted items difficult. Among the powerful books located there was the ancient tome the Sefer Raziel HaMalach. The Athenaeum also contains powerful artifacts coveted by the Venatori.

In 1936, the Sefer Raziel HalMalach was removed from it’s vault for some unknown reason. As a result it was stolen by the Brotherhood of Iron who needed it to perform a powerful ritual designed to harm the Church.


Athenaeum Arcana

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