Saint Augustine Cross


Saint Augustine’s Cross or Saint Augustine’s Processional Cross is a powerful religious relic said to have been forged by the Roman Catholic Saint Augustine.

It is unclear when it was forged, but it is confirmed to have been handmade by the saint. The processional cross was stored in Saint peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. It was locked in a safe in the Cardinals rectory. In 1936, the cross was stolen by the Abiectio Venatores, with the unwitting assistance of Giovanni Brullo].

The cross is believed to have the ability to either negate or hamper undefined types of Thaumaturgy, while enhancing others. It is believed that the cross was stolen to hamper the efforts of Luca Garige, who was actively employing Thaumaturgy in an attempt to track down the headquarters for the Abiectio.


Saint Augustine Cross

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