Flesh Construct


A Flesh Construct is a creature created by binding a malevolent spirit to the specially constructed body and enhanced with thaumaturgy. There are several different types of Flesh constructs possible, taking any number of shapes and body styles. Some possess multiple limbs or odd body constructions.

In 1936, eight such humanoid constructs were encountered on the grounds of the vatican by the Vatican City SAVE Office. The constructs were well-coordinated and armed with thompson .45 caliber submachine guns.

The constructs were under the powers of a Cultist of Leinth and were directed to kidnap Liberty Rothe and kill the remaining members of the group.

The Creatures were resistant to most forms of damage, but were susceptible to blunt blows. The constructs were constructed of sand filed human flesh. Some of them contained explosives in their bodies, including one with a dynamite charge in it’s chest, and at least four with hand grenades embedded beneath the flesh of their face.


Flesh Construct

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