Fidelacchius, also called The Sword of Faith, is one of the three Holy Swords made from the three nails of Christ’s crucifixion. It has the form of a katana, which glows in combat,sheathed in a cane-like scabbard. It was revealed that the sword is the legendary Japanese sword, Kusanagi. The first known wielder was Hiroki Takenaka, who received it from a person only known as The Egyptian. When Hiroki was killed by Order of the Blackened Denarius in 1913, thew sword disappeared for a while.

It was revealed in 1936, that Father Martin Fletcher was once a
Knight of the Cross and that he wielded this sword. When he put aside the sword it was stored in the Athenaeum Arcana in Vatican City. It was borrowed by Oliver Merbach in 1936, and turned over to the Fae Theron in exchange for assistance in removing his affliction.

Later that year, Tomas Gessner used a debt owed him by Theron to recover the sword, which was once again utilized by Father Fletcher to behead a Soul Stealer and an Outsider known as a Bound Abomination.

As of 1936, the sword is currently in Fletcher’s possession, much to the delight of The Warden of Castel Sant Angelo.



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