Udo Von Liebstadt



Udo was born to a minor Prussian noble family in October of 1881. His father was a Junker in Liebstadt and was one of the few landed minor nobles owning a small castle. Kuckuckstein Castle was an unusual place for young Udo to grow up, but the environment seemed to suit him well, as he often spent much time in the castle’s extensive libraries.

As a young boy, Udo would often visit the nearby village of Liebstadt, where he was well liked by the local inhabitants. It was his interactions with the commoners of the village, that Udo was first exposed to some of the more supernatural and superstitious beliefs that they embraced.

Armed with this new interest, Udo began to spend more and more time in the Castle Library devouring hundreds of texts on the supernatural creatures of his home region. His interest soon expanded beyond the local area and was summarily expanded to encompass the whole of Europe.

At the age of eight, young Udo was pleasantly surprised to discover that all of his studies were not in vain. While exploring a long-forgotten secret tunnel, one of many located in the ancient castle, Udo encountered a creature of the unknown posing as a Palace kobold. The young boy quickly placed his trust in the creature, and through that connection the creature performed a number of tricks and pranks that often got the small boy in trouble. The kobold, named “Herr Seltsamehosen”, convinced the young man to follow him out into the nearby woods.

There, the creature attacked him, and proceeded to perform some sort of arcane ritual. Before it could be concluded however, another creature, yet to be identified, of the unknown interrupted the ritual. The creature forced the kobold to return the boy further unmolested to his home and was thereafter never seen again.

Young Adulthood

After his encounter with the Kobold and the mysterious lady of the wood, Udo would often find himself searching hopelessly through the forest for his mysterious savior. Although his encounters with the unknown would continue throughout his younger years, as he aged, they seemed to become less frequent until eventually the seemed to come to an end.

Because of his almost obsessive desire to find the mysterious woman of the wood, Udo, despite his obvious charms, was never particularly successful in relationships with women. It has been suggested by SAVE researchers that he could be under some sort of as of yet unidentified compulsion, which prevents him from forming such a relationship. This could be perhaps as a result of the encounter in the woods during his childhood.


As a child, Udo was educated in Bonn, which was the normal practice among the affluent families of the day. He received a classical education while away at school and was well-received during his frequent holiday trips back to the family manor. After completing his primary and secondary studies, he attended University in Britain and the Famed Christ Church College in London. He excelled in his studies and was awarded a Masters degree in History with emphasis on education.

Career and Adult Life

Udo located to the United States where he taught History and the German Language at Brown’s University in Rhode Island. His slender build and Prussian culture often leave him social awkward, although in general his soft-demeanor and humor eventually wins out in most social situations.

As an adult Udo developed nearsightedness, which is corrected with spectacles. He has also developed a moderate case of acrophobia (fear of heights) and a more extreme case of eisoptrophobia (fear of reflections). It is believed that these phobias could be a result of repeated unseen influences of some creature of the unknown covertly influencing the professor.


  • 1889- Young Udo encounters a creature of the unknown calling itself a Kobold. The creature lures the young boy into the forest where it proceeds to attack him. The attack is cut short by the arrival of a mysterious woman, also believed to be a creature of the unknown, but currently remaining unidentified.
  • 1899- Udo unexpectedly develops a moderate fear of heights despite the fact that he has had no previous incidents or manifestations of such a fear. As a result, it is believed that he is in some way being affected by a creature of the unknown. It is posed that the creature having such an affect may well be the mysterious woman from his childhood.
  • 1900- Once again, Udo begins to manifest a severe phobia of reflections, especially his own. As before it is believed that this is the result of some otherworldly influence.
  • 1910- Udo returns home to the family castle and takes a walk through the forest of his childhood. There, he encounters a massive man-beast, best described as a werewolf or wolfen. Once again the mysterious woman appears and drives off the beast saving him from certain death. She appears as an unblemished beauty despite the passage of time. Later it is discovered that he bears several terrible scars from a beastly attack that he does not remember. Shortly afterwards he is recruited by SAVE and moves to San Francisco.

*1913- Udo marries Corinna Von Liebstadt , the Winter Queen. As a result he is elevated to the position of Winter Knight. Their daughter Ariel Von Liebstadt is the Winter Lady of the Unseelie Court.

Udo Von Liebstadt

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