Tomas Migual Gessner


Birth and Youth

Tomas was born the third son of Fredrick and Barbara Gessner on May 19, 1916. An active child, Tomas’s favorite game was Knight of the Holy Cross, imagining himself as a crusader.
Tomas grew up with a single-minded determination for service to the church. His youth was spent in servitude to the church in any way possible. His constant charity and good nature quickly won him the notice of church fathers.


When the time came, Tomas, assented to his father’s wishes by attending and graduating from the College of Milan. Tom then promptly moved to Rome to take a position with the Holy Pontiff’s Household Guard. This was made possible through the sponsorship of a family friend, Cardinal Rafaelle Santabelloni.

Encounter with the Unknown

One day, while helping to move documents into a sealed library, Tomas became suddenly ill and lapsed into a coma. He remained in this state for a couple of weeks. There was no medical explanation for the sudden condition.

A representative of SAVE who was investigating similar events approached Tomas. Although they were unable to tie any supernatural activity to the incident, Tomas was recruited to join the newly formed Vatican SAVE office. Since the event, people have noticed that Tomas has become forgetful and irascible; oftentimes during moments of stress.

Tomas Migual Gessner

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