Sandra Westmoreland


Sandra Westmoreland is a divorcee from Galveston Texas. She is the sister of Doreen Stone. In 1936, she was in Rome Italy, looking for her sister who was several weeks past due from returning from her trip.

She had arrived in Rome with a rough copy of her sister’s family’s itinerary and was able to determine that they never checked out of the room they had rented at the Hotel Gambrinus. She was also able to determine that the last place her sister had been was the Vatican. This was determined by asking questions at every place along the route in the hopes that someone would recognize her sister’s family.

She managed to track their progress as far as the Vatican before all traces disappear. She immediately went to the Papal guard in an attempt to illicit help, which is where she encountered Tomas Gessner.


Sandra Westmoreland

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