“I am descended from an archangel of the power of God, but I am thwarted by Ouriel, the archangel.”


Ornias is the undisputed leader of the Blackened Denarius. As such is it believed, within reason, that he must also be among, if he is not the most powerful of their Order. The Venatori as well as the Knights of the Cross- have followed his participation in various endeavors around the world with great interest. It is reported that he is responsible for a number of deaths among the Venatori’s more senior ranks as well as being able to claim the death of at least three Knights of the Cross- in various encounters throughout the ages.

As a result of his extensive skills in deception, particularly in illusionary creation and sustenance, he has not yet been captured, unlike almost every other Denarius. It is believed that he will purposefully sacrifice members of his order to insure his escape and that he will withdraw if he feels that he is in danger of capture or of being discovered.

His last reported appearance was in Southern France and Crete, in late 1913. It is believed that he arranged the theft of a valuable tome, known as the Tome of Solomon, for the express purpose of drawing out Thomas Didymus. As detailed earlier in this document, Thomas was the last remaining Apostle of Christ, apparently in hiding as a result of the enmity between the Denarii and the Apostolic Order. Thomas had taken refuge within the confines of the SAVE office in San Francisco, where he was placed in the position of guardian.

Unknown to the members of that office, among them many legends within SAVE, Thomas was the last remaining protector of the legendary Key of Solomon, which was reputed to be able to control Demons or in this case, Fallen Angels.

By providing a single page from the tome, which was needed to locate and possess the key, Ornias set into play a series of actions that would culminate in the very short possession of the Key and the subsequent freeing of all Denarii from their binding as a result.

Unwilling to allow any of his subordinates to possess such power, Ornias himself was on-hand to acquire the key. He did, however, lose it almost immediately as a result of an assault by a Venatori named Nicolette Farelli. Thomas recovered the key, but not before the damage was done. Ornias escaped, and could not be pursued.

Ornias possesses the ability to create illusions, which are very rich and detailed. In this particular encounter he created not only an illusory sheathing for himself, but he also created two SAVE Envoys, a SAVE Office in Marseilles, and various equipment to be used by the SAVE Envoys from San Francisco. The additional Envoys, equipment and Headquarters all disappeared once Ornias had completed his task. In addition, it will be noted that in the guise of a SAVE Envoy, Ornias was able to enter into a Venatori stronghold without attracting suspicion. His ruse was so convincing that even Robert Brennan, an incorporeal member of the San Francisco SAVE office was unable to detect a variance. Ornias was convincing enough to even fool Thomas into developing a plan whereby he would mask the actual ring and provide the copy to Thomas for the purpose of creating a decoy. This ploy worked to perfection because it not only removed Thomas from the situation, but also allowed Ornias unrestricted access to the ring for a short while.

It is no wonder then that Ornias is known as the Great Deceiver. It is believed that he carries his coin disguised as a component of his clothing or as jewelry. His ability to mask items in a layer of illusion makes it exceptionally difficult to detect.

As for weaknesses, those are not well known. It is known that he can be injured by exceptionally hot Flame. This was witnessed directly by Envoys in Crete in 1913. The attack in question caused Ornias to retreat immediately.


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