“There is no sweeter reward than the rewards of the flesh. Carnal longing is no sin; it is the right of all creatures to enjoy their sensual natures. There are no greater joys than these. Let me show you”
– Naamah


Naamah is something of a mystery where the ranks of the Denarii are concerned. All Denarii are fundamentally male in nature, save Naamah. It is believed that the Watchers purposefully selected to become male as a means to satisfy their lust for human women. In this regards, however, Naamah becomes the exception. It seems that rather than become male, this Denarius chose instead to take the female gender. As such, it is believed that she uses her raw power of sexuality to control and manipulate the lesser members of the Order. It is for this reason that she is often considered to be the Third in command of the order of the Blackened Denarius.

Envoys from the San Francisco office last encountered Naamah in 1913. She possesses the ability to liquefy metals without heat and also to direct the flow of liquefied metal. She demonstrated this ability during a conflict, by destroying all worked metal objects in an area and creating from the liquid remains a form of personal body armor. It is suspected that she is therefore more physically vulnerable to attack than other members of the Order.

Naamah seems to possess the ability to incite lust and desire, especially among men. It is believed that she is likewise capable of inciting jealousy and distrust among women. To these ends she always possesses women, and is believed to be particularly vain. As a result the choice of vessel for her would be a very lovely woman with perhaps a streak of intense vanity.

Naamah can use her long hair as a weapon, especially when she chooses to coat the strands in sheaths of metal. These strands are capable of cutting through solid steel, or into solid stone or concrete. She can also fly, and this is suspected to be a limited function of the control of magnetic forces coursing through the metal armor that she creates.

Naamah is cunning and is often found working from brothels, or similar places of low-repute. She is said to be one of the original Succubus, and may have connections to those creatures of the Unknown, as well as associations with the Demon commonly known as Lilith.

Naamah is said to be able to cause miscarriages, premature births, birth defects and other afflictions pertinent to women. She is also said to be able to read the minds of men and to know their greatest desires.

She appears in the Zohar as one of the four angels of prostitution, the mates of the demon Samael, the mother of the demon Asmodai and one of the Queens of Hell. She is regarded as a patron of divination and music.

She is, in many ways, both a Succubus and Fallen Angel, and is generally regarded as an aspect or relation of Lilith. Naamah in appearance is similar to Lilith, more sensual, young and beautiful. It is believed that she was ultimately responsible for corrupting the Fallen Angels and their leader Ornias.
It is believed that Naamah may keep her coin located behind one of her eyes. In this manner it is one of the most difficult to detect, and this aspect also makes it exceptionally difficult to reach during a fight. It is believed that there is a symbolic reason for this relating to her high degree of vanity, but this latter is only supposition and cannot be supported through research.

Also known as: Lamech, Nahemah, or Malkuth


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