Luca Garige


Nationality: Romanian
Age: 26
Occupation: Guardian
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 210
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Luca is the Guardian of the Vatican SAVE Office


Luca Garige is a seventh son of a seventh son. His father was a cobbler when he wasn’t hunting down strange creatures that threatened the villages his people called home. Luca was raised in a society where the old superstitions held power. His grandmother was a fortune teller, his mother a witch and his father a monster hunter. It is therefore, no surprise that Luca would learn the skills from each of his elders that would culminate in his eventual rise to a Guardian.

Luca is well versed in the Occult, Astrology, Alchemy, folk magic, remedies, legends and Lore, and ritual magic. His experiences throughout his life have taught him much about the creatures of the unknown. He has encountered many different creatures, learning their weaknesses, their abilities and their habits.

Luca was recruited by SAVE after a pack of Werewolves attacked and slaughtered his entire village while he was hunting. A group of SAVE Envoys, also investigating the attack encountered Luca as they closed in on the creatures’ lair.

They successfully eradicated the creatures and Luca, having no place to return to, joined SAVE, where he quickly turned out to be a valuable member. He moved from Office to Office for a while, until he was convinced by Father Martin Ambrose Fletcher to stay in the Vatican and help him establish a new office there.

Luca agreed, relocated his few scant belongings to the small office in the Vatican and became the official Guardian of the Vatican SAVE office.

Luca Garige

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