Lorenzo Dioli


Assignment: Rome SAVE Office
Nationality: Italian
Age: 23
Occupation: Postal Carrier
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 185
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Black
Active Date: September 30, 1933
Distinguishing Marks: None
Other Notes: Lorenzo does not possess any of the known disciplines of the Arts. However, he has a keen sense of awareness for the presence of the unknown. And is exceptionally resilient to injury.


Lorenzo Dioli is a postman. He is a valuable member of the Rome SAVE Office. His intimate knowledge of the city has been instrumental during several investigations. In addition, Dioli is a keen observer of people. His insight into human behavior tends to instinctively aid him when interviewing people.

Lorenzo has been badly injured several times during investigations, but has always been able to make a return to full health. His resilience is almost legendary among the office. He has been involved in more cases in the office since it’s founding than any other Envoy. He has a drive and dedication to the destruction of the Unknown unlike any other Envoy in the office.

This is most likely due to the death of his three children and wife to a group of vampires. He was recruited to SAVE immediately afterwards and is still looking for the Vampires that caused the death of his family to this day.

Lorenzo Dioli

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