Hans Brunner


Hans Brunner, Also known as Hans Ulrich, is the lieutenant and sworn allegiant to Udo Von Liebstadt. As a loyal servant to the Von Liebstadt family, Hans was been at the service of the family since his early childhood. As an adult, he served Von Liebstadt during his travels.

He was present during Von Liebstadt’s years with SAVE. serving as Von leibsoadt’s house Karl in both San Francisco and London. Upon Von Liebstadt’s marriage into the Unseelie Court in 1914, Hans became indoctrinated into the supernatural world through direct experience with the Fae courts and the world of the Never-Never. he is considered an active agent of the Unseelie Court, displaying abilities imbued upon him by that group.

At the end of the great War, Hans accompanied Von Liebstadt to a devastated germany, where the two began to assist in the recovery and rebuilding of their country. With the rise of the Nazi party, Hans followed Von Liebstadt’s lead and joined the party.

Together they formed the Sturmreitter and oversaw the Abwehr. realizing that their new group was in direct competition with SAVE, with opposing agendas, Hans oversaw, at Von Liebstadt’s behest the elimination of SAVE offices throughout Germany and Austria. Only those SAVE offices capable of working in isolation and under the auspices of extreme secrecy have managed to remain active inside the Reich. One such group is an office in Berlin.

It is to this office that Kurt Heinrich Helck belongs. Hans is currently attempting to destroy this office, although he is having great difficulty identifying it’s members.

In 1936, Hans, using the name Hans Ulrich, traveled to Rome, Italy, where he had a conversation with Lodewijk Van Beers and Oliver Merbach concerning the acquisition of the Mesha Stele, an artifact of great power unearthed by Marbach in 1933. When attempts to acquire the artifact through conventional means failed, hans ordered the kidnapping and detention of Edward Vorgenberg as added incentive.

After a month, the Stele was exchanged for Edward using an intermediary of the Unseelie Court as courier. Hans then returned with the Stele to Berlin, only to be ambushed upon arrival by the Berlin SAVE Office and the artifact stolen. Angered, Hans has now decided to spare no effort in destroying the Berlin SAVE Office at any cost.

Hans Brunner

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