Dr. Domenico Fabbri


Assignment: Rome SAVE Office
Nationality: Italian
Age: 63
Occupation: Physician
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 245
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Hazel
Active Date: March 3, 1930
Distinguishing Marks: Burn scar in the shape of a handprint on his left forearm. He received it while battling an unknown type of demon.
Other Notes: Domenico possesses no arts.


Domenico Fabbri is a physician. He has been a member of SAVE since March 3, 1930, making him the most experienced member of the Society in Rome. He originally joined the SAVE office in Stockholm, during his tenure teaching Medicine at the University of Stockholm.

It was there he encountered a Bokor, attempting to take over the slum in the city. He managed to work with a group of SAVE Envoys from Berlin and together they killed the Bokor and ended the zombie menace there.

Shortly afterwards, Fabbri joined SAVE. He gave his resignation at the university, and moved back to Rome. At this time, there was no SAVE Office there, so he acted as a local guide for Envoys investigating from other cities.

He joined the newly created Rome SAVE office upon its opening in 1933, where he serves as one of the senior investigator there, as well as the club physician.

Dr. Domenico Fabbri

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