David Sandoval


Nationality: British
Age: 28
Occupation: Unknown
Height: 6’3”
Hair Color: Blonde (colored dark)
Eye Color: Hazel


David Phillip Sandoval was born on October 26, 1854. He is the twin brother of Richard Sandoval.His parents are Herbert Richard Sandoval, 7th Earl of Warwick and Andrea Wharton.

David was kidnapped by an unknown creature of the Unknown only three weeks after his birth. Although his father searched for him his entire life, he was never recovered. No other member of his family, except his mother knew about his existence.

Despite his actual age, David appears to be 28 years old. It is suspected that he aged at a slower rate, perhaps due to location or Thaumaturgy.

David encountered Envoys of the Vatican City SAVE Office in Rome, Italy in 1936. No one knows why David has suddenly surfaced there, nor for whom, if anyone, he is working for or with.

David Sandoval

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