Augustina Derusse


Nationality: Italian
Age: 28
Occupation: Socialite
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 130
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue


Augustina Deruss was born in Venice Italy on June 25, 1908. She was born the third child of Michelangelo Deruss and Violetta Derusse. The Derusse family were upper middle class, with Michelangelo working as a City Ordinance Commissioner. Her mother is a surreal painter.

Augustina grew up attending expensive private schools, despite the difficulty this created for her family. Her academic scores were lack-luster however, as She preferred to take the easy rather than work hard at her studies.

She did not excel at school, although she discovered a talent for singing. Her ability to seduce men and maintain several profitable relationships with them, introduced her to higher society. Her ability to maneuver through the upper strata of society introduced her to a sustainable lifestyle of privilege.

During this time, she was introduced to Liberty Rothe and they became fast friends, sharing their interests in men and society. The often ran in the same circles and shared their affinity of the finer things in life.

On New Year’s Eve 1935, While attending a party at the home of Fillipo Brunelleschi. Augustina was lured into a trap set by Mortimer Stroud. The trap was actually meant for Liberty Rothe, but Mortimer misidentified Augustina as Rothe.

Mortimer, being a possible Black Court vampire, attacked her, but was interrupted by Liberty Rothe, at which time, the mistake became known.

A chase ensued, but Liberty managed to escape with the aid of some German plains-clothes soldiers providing security at the party. Both the soldiers were killed, but this delay was enough to allow Rothe to escape unharmed.

The body of Augustina was never recovered, as it was missing when the coroners drivers arrived to transport the body to the morgue. It is believed that Mortimer Stroud may have transformed Augustina into a Black Court vampire as a means to affecting another attempt upon Liberty’s life. It is believed that Mortier is a Vampire, although the exact court to which he belongs is still in question. As a result Augustina’s current affiliations are unknown at this time pending further investigation.

Augustina Derusse

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