White Court


The White Court is one of four known Vampire Courts. The others are the Black Court, the Red Court, and the Jade Court.

White Court vampires are non-human creatures, disguising themselves as humans; they prey on humans and drink their blood. They have a number of supernatural abilities. The majority of their powers are focused on the emotions of people. Each White Court vampire is attuned to a specific emotional state. They feed on victims experiencing that emotional state. It is therefore their usual methods to in some way elicit that emotion in their potential victims before feeding. They are fundamentally emotional vampires. If the White court vampire feeds enough from a particular victim, they fall into a permanent catatonic state. If feeding continues, they will eventually die.

The emotions most commonly sought out by White court vampires are Hatred, Lust, Anxiety, Disgust, Hopelessness, Desperation, Fear, Loneliness, Envy, and Jealousy. Interestingly enough, the vampires of the White court seem to be able to inspire their chosen emotion in their potential victims.

They are one of the major supernatural signatory nations to the Seelie Accords. They exercise the most control in Europe, but they conduct operations worldwide.

Of all the courts, they are the most difficult to identify. They do not need to make contact with their victims and leave very little sign of their physical attack or presence. In addition, They do not need close proximity to their prey and are very good at being stealthy.

The White Court Structure

The White court is organized as a council, with elected leaders for regional groups as well as a larger overarching leadership. Little is known about their organization, as of all the courts, the White court is the best at maintaining a low profile.

General Information

  • White court Vampires are difficult to identify. Unlike most vampires, they look entirely human, possessing a heartbeat, perspiration, respiration and exhibiting normal human behavior.
  • White court vampires are exceptionally tough. They heal rapidly and require significant physical damage to be dealt in oder to destroy one.


White Court

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