The Werejaguar is a species of Lycanthrope originating in the ancient Aztec or Olmec Empire of Mexico. They are the product of Shamanistic magic used to enchant freshly obtained jaguar skins by calling upon the Aztec god Tezcalipoca. Once placed upon the skin of the recipient, the enchanted skins meld into the warrior, permanently making them a lycanthrope.

As a result of this transformation, they often have a taste for human flesh, especially for flesh of young children. The ritual grants the were jaguar exceptional strength, speed, agility. The ritual allows the warrior to transform from human to human-jaguar hybrid at will. The older, more powerful were jaguars are even reputed to be able to transform into jaguars.

Their attributes make them more powerful than traditional were-wolves, and potentially more powerful than White Court or Black Court vampires. They are often found in the employ of Red Court Vampires, who use them as elite bodyguards and assassins.

Were jaguars are believed to be short-tempered, and as a result have been known to undertake extreme violence against their enemies or even against innocent by-standers.

Blessed Jaguar blood acts as a deterrent to a Werejaguar. They are susceptible to injury when obsidian is used against them. All other means of attack has thus far proven ineffectual.



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