Venatori Umbrata


The Venatori Umbrata, or Shadow Hunters, are a secret organization dedicated to the destruction of the Old Ones. This conflict between the Venatori and the Old Ones is known as the Oblivion War. They fight against the Old Ones, their servants, and any groups that want the Old Ones to remain as a route to power. They are organized into cells so no one of them knows too much information about the Old Ones. A Venator might only know as few as one other Venator. The war has been going on for the duration of mankind.

The primary means of conducting this warfare is through the collection of ancient texts, artifacts and forbidden knowledge in the hopes of using that knowledge to destroy their enemies.

Since the war is fought over eons rather than any timescale that mortal kind can reasonably cope with, The Archive was created as the ultimate instrument of mankind in the war. Apart from making sure that the Venatori never stray from or forget their purpose, she is able to keep track of any mention of the Old Ones in writing and to listen in on certain enemy communications. Her ability is marginally related to the abilities displays by Arun Simbi, the Loa of all living human knowledge. Whenever she picks up a trail, she notifies a cell of Venatori agents through a blind drop and sends them to run it down. Once any and all mention of a particular Old One is gone from the world, The Archive keeps its name in memory for a safety period of a millennium or so to see if its name ever appears in writing again. Once the safety period is up, The Archive, who can then be reasonably certain the name is gone from living memory, allows herself to forget the name, thus consigning the being to oblivion.

At one point in time, the Venatori tried to banish Faeries from the world. However, they were stopped a group the Fae call the “G-men”, Gutenberg and the Grimms. It was through their stories that the strength of the Faeries remained strong enough to continue their interactions with the known world.


Venatori Umbrata

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