Vatican City SAVE Office


The Vatican Save Office was unofficially created on December 31, 193, after the individual members of that officer were each, in turn, attacked by agents of the unknown.

The next morning, January 1, 1936, the individual members encountered each other and decided to band together for mutual defense against whatever foe may be threatening them. This is the official date of it’s founding.

Of those members, three- Martin Ambrose Fletcher, Luca Garige and Liberty Rothe had been or were already members of SAVE. Hans “Oliver” Erich Merbach and Lodewijk Van Beers joined as a result of the previous night’s attack, although each had already encountered the unknown prior to this event.

The last member of the Society, Sven Thofelt, joined the following day January 2, 1936.

They are the second SAVE office in the Greater Rome metropolitan area, the other being the Rome SAVE Office.

The office is located on the Vatican Grounds, in the Esoteric Records and Studies Building. There is a small adjacent apartment building, with ten apartments that are assigned to the Esoteric Records and Studies Building.

It is planned to eventually expand into those apartments, perhaps as private quarters and work spaces. It is only one of a few buildings that spans the Leonine wall.


Vatican City SAVE Office

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