Spiritual Stasis Barrier


A Spiritual Stasis Barrier is a magical zone that surrounds a once-living creature. The field is cast over a large area, and is unaffected by thaumaturgical wards. It extends a particular moment in time over an area, creating a strange temporal space. It can not be affected by events outside the field, such as weather or similar events.

The field prevents the kindling of flames, maintains the transfer of gases and liquids, even if the flow is interrupted, and creates a small impermeable field of indestructibility around organic materials caught in the area at the time it is conjured.

The Barrier is impervious to astral and thaumaturgical travel into the field, but travel from inside to the outside of the field is possible. Physical individuals can enter the affected area without ill side-affects, although they may feel uneasy or notice abnormal physical events or properties.

Such a barrier was erected by unknown forces at the Our Lady of Mercy Orphanage in 1936.


Spiritual Stasis Barrier

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