Indalo.jpgSAVE (Societas Argenti Viae Eternitata, or, The Eternal Society of the Silver Way) is a secret society that is dedicated to protecting innocents from the creatures of the Unknown. Agents of SAVE are called envoys. The symbol of SAVE is the Indalo.

SAVE is an international organization with offices and groups all over the world. The goal of SAVE and it’s Envoys is too root out the evil Unknown forces and save the world from their onslaught.


The Society was formed in 1854, in Dublin Ireland. The original founders were Charles O’Banyon, Lord Herbert Richard Sandoval, Jeffery Coombs, and Albert Spinelli. These men, like many during their time were enthralled with the spiritualist movements that were taking the social strata by storm. The men formed SAVE originally as a secret club to explore the spiritual and psychic potential of the Human Race.

It was during this time that the group discovered the ability to train human beings in psychic abilities. These broader grouping of abilities were labeled Arts, while the lesser abilities seemed to fall under a broader common Discipline and were labeled Disciplines.

During this time, their growing psychic powers fell under the notice of Creatures of the Unknown. The original founders of SAVE were unaware of the existence of the Unknown or the Veil that separated our world. Their new found abilities acted as a beacon to these creatures of the unknown, and marked a renewed interest in our world by the Unknown.

When encounters with these creatures began to become more frequent, O’Banyon and the others quickly realized that they had somehow caused this increase. They transformed their group from a spiritualist exploratory group into a society dedicated to fighting these creatures wherever they appeared.

As part of this new mission, they began to recruit individuals that had survived or witnessed encounters with the Unknown. In this way, they bolstered their ranks with seasoned envoys.

To better facilitate the ability to investigate and deal with the Unknown, Sandoval established the SAVE central archives in Dublin, Ireland. These archives contained reports from every Envoy detailing each encounter with the Unknown. These reports detailed creatures, their weaknesses and their origins, allowing a better informed and capable group of envoys to fight the spread of the Unknown.

Eventually all of the original founders of SAVE were killed or lost during missions, but their legacy lives on. By the end of the first decade, SAVE had established a dozen offices in Europe. By 1913, they had expanded into North America, expanded in Europe, and added offices in Asia. By 1939, they had at least one office in every country in Europe, twenty offices in the United States, ten in South America, sixteen in Asia, two in Australia and three in Africa.

SAVE was crippled by an attack on their Dublin archives more than 20 years ago. Since then, SAVE agents have been forced underground, infiltrated by the forces of the unknown, and with no one to help them when the lights go out. The Unknown attacked SAVE offices worldwide in a massive coordinated attack. The attack culminated in hundreds of envoys killed. Currently SAVE is reeling from this attack and subsequent destruction of their main headquarters. As such, most of the information on the creatures of the Unknown was destroyed and the organizational structures reduced to shambles. Envoys around the world are on the defensive against supernatural creatures they know little about. A new decentralized SAVE is evolving that can shine some light into the dark corners of the world.

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