Roark Skull


The Roark Skull is an ancient artifact of great power. It is carved from the bone of an Old One, a fact that makes its slightest possession extraordinarily potent to thaumaturgists. The Relic has the ability to act as a summoning nexus for the powerful Outsider Magnum Innominandum, who will appear to defend the relic until it can be used to open a gateway linking the Outer Gates and the Universe of Man.

The skull has the ability to convert humans into powerful outsiders known as Quagraemon. It can then enslave them to do it’s biding. The Skull, is connected to the creature from whose bones it is carved, and is a living entity as well as an Artifact. The Roark Skull is exceptionally dangerous, and even being within it’s presence can corrupt most normal men and supernatural creatures.

It is said that destruction of the Roark Skull, will result in the removal of taint that has corrupted the Athanteen. It is believed that the relic’s presence at the time of the destruction of the Premiogothiq is what caused the affliction to become permanent for the survivors.

A powerful Athanteen Tome, known as the Amissa Antiquorununum, or The Missing Ancient Ones is said to contain a ritual spell that is capable of creating an artifact known as the Compass of Azaoria, which will lead to the artifact. It is generally accepted that the creators of this Ritual are the Athanteen, who then used it to seize the Artifact thus depriving their enemy of their ability to use it to maintain a gateway between the Outer Gates and the Universe of Man.

The Artifact received it’s name from the Athanteen guardian who was assigned to protect it from being reacquired by Outsiders, Roark.

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Roark Skull

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