Red Court

The Red Court is one of four known Vampire Courts. The others are the White Court, the Black Court, and the Jade Court.

Red Court vampires are non-human creatures, disguising themselves as humans; they prey on humans and drink their blood. They possess the ability to manipulate the laws of the universe through thaumaturgy. This is an ability unique to this court of vampires. The Red Court is most prevalent in Central and South America. There are whole villages supporting groups of them like cattle. They fed on everyone, including children. One of the Red Courts abilities, is to create an addiction in their prey to the act of being fed upon.

They are one of the major supernatural signatory nations to the Unseelie Accords. They possess almost completely control South and Central America. In addition, it is believed they have holdings all over the world in the form of property, stocks, corporations, accounts, some governments, and a variety of assets.

The Red Court Structure


The Red Court had a highly organized feudalistic structure commanded by the Red King. Those closest to the Throne bear the title of Duke or Duchess. It is generally believed that other lower ranks exist, including those of Conquistador. The Red Court also maintains a large number of human thralls to carry out operations when it would be otherwise inconvenient for a vampire to do so. All Thralls are tattooed to allow for easy identification among the vampire courts.

General Information

According to the knowledge of the Order of Saint Giles:

  • A standard Red Court field operations team consisted of six vampires.
  • A mark of power is the ability to control the blood thirst. This is demonstrated by indulging by-choice rather than by-impulse.
  • Crossing an established threshold renders all but the strongest of them nearly paralyzed.
  • In recent encounters red Court Vampires have been seen cooperating with Were-creatures.


Red Court

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