The Outsiders are very powerful beings from the Outside, which is beyond the Outer Gates. Little is known about them. The Outsiders had been the servants and foot soldiers of the Old Ones. Outsiders are immune to most forms of thaumaturgy. It’s hard to banish them, harm them, or kill them. Their primary enemy is the Venatori Umbrata.

They are insanely violent, insanely powerful, and just plain insane.

The Venatori Seventh Law forbids the contacting of Outsiders.

Most Outsiders cannot enter our reality, without someone letting them in through the Outer Gates. Only mortal magic can call up Outsiders. Outsiders collaborate very effectively, making them very dangerous.

The only real exception to this are the Walkers. Who seem to be able to traverse into our realm as desired. They are considered the most powerful of the Outsiders, and commonly act as assassins used to destroy the most powerful enemies of the Old Ones.

All outsiders differ from creatures of the Never-Never. They originate from beyond the confines of the Never-Never, and as such are immensely alien intellects with unfathomable power, thoughts, goals and desires.



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