Order of Saint Giles


A relatively new player on the supernatural scene, the Order of Saint Giles -named for Saint Giles, the patron saint of lepers and outcasts, is largely made up of people who have been infected by Red Court vampires, but have yet to drink the lifeblood of another human to complete their transformation. The Order helps its members control their urges, support each other, and fight the vampires who infected them. They are allied with SAVE and the Roman Catholic Church in the war against the Red Court, but have little communication with them. Despite their recent emergence on the playing field, they are easily recognized because of their markings.

All infected members of the order have mystic tattoos placed all over their bodies that both grant them more restraint and act as a warning when they expend too much strength and are in danger of losing control. Normally the tattoos are not visible, but as the person uses their supernatural abilities, they begin to lose control of their impulses which can lead to a kill which completes the transformation into a Red Court Vampire. The tattoos initially are black and seem to swirl on the skin. As the member reaches the danger zone, the tattoos transform, shifting color to red.

Being a half-vampire grants great potential strength, speed, and the ability to recover from incredible injury. Drawing on these powers creates massive amounts of bloodlust which is increasingly difficult to control.

By most supernatural powers they are described as a collection of the supernatural world’s misfits and outcasts, many of them being half-vampires. They hate the Red Court with a passion and do everything they can to confound them. They operate in cells, chose targets, train recruits, plant bombs—just like insurgents. They fund their operations through many shady business activities and are known to have strong ties to the black market.

While The Order members are are not capable of challenging the Red Court in direct combat, they wreak havoc on their supply chains, gather intelligence, and offer supernatural support to their mortal allies.


Order of Saint Giles

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