Mummies are the mummified remains of human beings that have been enhanced with supernatural abilities. These bodies have been prepared using ancient rite and rituals that have resulted in the the creation of a completely loyal servant.

The bodies of a mummy are nearly indestructible. This makes them ideal for enforcement against supernatural creatures as well as against mortal creatures.

Mummies are not intelligent and often follow their orders explicitly. They require no rest and so are capable of extended hunting of prey. They do not have a metabolism and as a result do not hunt for food, but act as guards, assassins or enforcers.

It is believed that there is a mental connection between the creator and his mummies. With this, the creator seems to be able to change and alter the orders given to the mummies at will. In some cases, especially when in the direct presence of the creator, the mummy is capable of almost life-like activity and reaction. They can not speak or communicate.

It is believed that the only way to destroy a Mummy is to find the exact sacred texts used to create it and read it. Upon doing so the weakened mummy is summoned and must be distracted while the text is read unbroken. This is, of course, exceptionally difficult to do, as the mummy single-mindedly will attack the reader who must be defended. In the event that the reading is interrupted, the task must be restarted.

Only after the text is read in its entirety can the supernatural protections on the mummy be breached. At that point it must be destroyed through conventional means.

In the event that the mummy is not destroyed adequately, it will reform within 24-hours.



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