Monster Hunters International (MHI) is a Corporate organization owned by Richard Sandyvale, whose sole purpose is to hunt down and destroy monsters that threaten the world.

The Company was founded in 1918, at the conclusion of the Great War. Sandyvale recruited a number of members to the company.

In 1936 they opened an office in Rome, Italy. It was planned to be the first field office for the company, from which Monster Hunting Expeditions could operate.


Rome was chosen for the abnormally high number of creature and supernatural sightings attributed to the area.

The members of the office are:

Doctor John Abbynath
Gracie Worthytown
Jake Dansen
John Tattletown
Penny Richards
Richard Sandyvale
Professor Otto Van Libbenstat
Virgo Morgan
Bert Brenner

The group was responsible for the destruction or capture of a number of supernatural monsters in Rome in 1936. These included Red Court Vampires, and a pack of Werejaguars.

Their desire to publicize all their activities threatened the uneasy peace between the signatories of the Unseelie Accords. As their direct actions interfered with the investigations of the Vatican City SAVE Office, an encounter between the two groups was inevitable.

After a failed attempt by the group to break the Unseelie Accords in 1936, the entire group was incarcerated at the Castel Sant Angelo at the request of Father Fletcher.



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