Maleficent Cauldron


A Maleficent Cauldron is a powerful Thaumaturgical device that can be used by an Outsider known as an Bound Abomination to prepare dangerous ritual concoctions used for very violent or dangerous ritual spells. On of the most violent is the Culling spell which kills everyone marked by the Sigil of the Mark Bearer.

Exceptionally powerful, these artifacts are used only for the most maleficent of purposes. Three such cauldrons, filled with the blood of brutally murdered children are required to perform a cull of the Mark bearer. It takes exactly 100 children’s worth of blood to finalize this ritual.

There are three known cauldrons in existence. Each is fashioned from Fae Iron, a rare material found only in the Fae Realms in the Never-Never. One cauldron is in the possession of each of the Fae courts. It is believed that they are a last-ditch weapon, powered by Fae Blood, to wipe out all Outsiders invading the Never-Never, to be used when no other option to prevent the invasion remains.

In 1936, a Soul Stealer in league with a Bound Abomination somehow managed to acquire all three cauldrons, which they were using to wipe out several SAVE offices. They destroyed the Mexico City, Edmonton, Casablanca, and Paris Office before the Vatican City SAVE Office managed to stop them. The Cauldrons were returned to their rightful place in the Fae realms.

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Maleficent Cauldron

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