Ley Line

A Ley Line, is a supernatural line of energy that stretches along the edge of the Veil between the real world and the Never-Never, most commonly marking locations were the veil is at it’s weakest point. Because of the influence of power seeping into the real world along ley lines; supernatural entities, powers and abilities are often enhanced. As a result they are sought out as places of power, often becoming attributed to spiritual or supernatural influences. In many instances places of worship, places where miracles are performed, or places of hauntings tend to fall along Ley Lines.

Thaumaturgists, seem to be able to tap into this latent energy and use it to enhance their already impressive abilities. Some creatures of the Unknown can only exist in our world due to proximity to a Ley Line.

Ley Lines are invisible to the naked eye. Where Ley Lines intersect, a Ley Nexus or Vortex is formed.


Ley Line

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