The Kemet are an ancient race of creatures that exist within the Realm of Kemet. This world is a realm that exists beyond the veil between our world and the Never-Never.

An ancient society exists there, and the various creatures of the Unknown that live within Kemet society once visited our world and inspired the Ancient Egyptian Civilization.

There are various factions that exist within Kemet, but it is not possible to detail the intricate agendas and manipulations that take place within the Court of the Cosmos.

In a world where even other creatures of the unknown are careful to tread, the Envoy is cautioned to remain ever wary of the many things that haunt the Never-Never and especially within the realm of Kemet.



Among the Kemet, the Anubii are the most readily recognized amongst their ranks. The association with the widely worshipped god of Ancient Egypt, Anubis,is apparent once you get your first look at the Anubii.

Like all Kemet, there are several Anubii. Their classification is resultant in the physical characteristics that they possess. In the case of the Anubii they possess the torso and limbs of a human being, but their head is canine in appearance. Amongst the Anubii, the canine heads take on a variety of appearances. Mostly in coloration. Most of their variation in in coloration, very few actually have the pure black appearance of the traditional jackal seen in Egyptian myth.

The traditional role of Anubis was as a judge and protector of the dead. It is believed that this role was assigned to Anubis as a result of the suspected ability of the Anubii to in some way effect or control the spiritual creatures. In humans, this is considered the spiritual self, the soul or ghost. It is generally believed that the Anubii can somehow sort human spirits, called Ba, in the ancient Egyptian, into those suitable for service and those not well suited.

The Anubii are the undisputed masters of the ghostly amongst the Kemet. They are often seen and encountered with ghostly minions and the quality and strength of their ghostly servants are a source of status amongst their own kind.

The Anubii are very influential in the court of the Cosmos, often serving as the advisor to the “Ra” of king of the Court. Many of the Anubii are powerful mediums and Ectomancers and as such can be formidable opponents. The oldest and most powerful of the Anubii may have several dozen attendant spirits under their command.

The exact motivations of the Anubii are unclear, although a member of this group is likely to rarely overlook the opportunity to acquire suitable spectral servants. this said, however, it is not believed that the Anubii generally acquire such spirits from living hosts. Although there is reason to believe that Astrally projected spirits are at risk, as they are seen as unfettered spirits. Anubii are said to sometimes stalk graveyards, haunted places and funeral homes measuring the spiritual quality of any of ghosts or spectral entities it may encounter there.

While many of their servants are spirits of prior humans, there are some Anubii that have managed to acquire several non-human spiritual creatures. These are considered especially valuable and increase the status of the possessor significantly.



Basti, are the warrior caste of the Kemet. They are most commonly associated with the ancient Egyptian goddess Bast. The Basti most closely resemble the original incarnation of that Goddess. The body of a human woman with the head of a feline. In most cases the head most closely resembles a lion, although there are significant variations in color which make identification easy.

The Basti are passionate creatures, prone to quick outbursts of violence and heated argument. they are unrivaled as warriors, possessing enhanced strength, speed and agility that make them formidable opponents.

Within the Court of the Cosmos, they act as royal guards, enforcers and assassins. Their skills at combat are well suited to dealing with all sorts of supernatural threats and this ability helps the Court maintain authority over their territory even amongst other creatures of the unknown.

Basti are only female, and it is unclear how they maintain their numbers. It is commonly believed that they have the ability to breed with mortal male cats, although it is unclear how this happens.

Amongst the various strengths of the Basti, is the ability to dominate and subject felines of all types to their will. In this way, the common house cat can act as a spy, or if needed a swarm of them can be used as a means to harry or overwhelm the enemy. There is some speculation that the bast are capable of shape shifting into any feline as well. This would indicate that they have the ability to appear as a normal house cat and thus could easily infiltrate difficult locations in pursuit of prey.

Although normally hot tempered and passionate, a Basti does not always fall into aggressive behavior when irritated. This does not, however, meant that bast will not resort to violence when agitated and as a result they should be dealt with carefully.



Horii, are most closely associated with the ancient Egyptian god , Horus. They appear to possess a human torso, almost always male, with the head of a Hawk. Like other Kemet, the coloration of their head is varied enough to allow identification of individuals.

The Horii are believed to have the ability to shape shift into a hawk. They also seem to have the ability to shape flame of all sorts. It is generally believed that they may also have the ability to create flame spontaneously. They are able to speak every human language and act often as ambassadors and interpreters to all creatures visiting the court of the Cosmos.

It is believed to be impossible to lie to a Horii. There appears to be some means by which they are capable of forcing all creatures to be truthful in their presence. As a result they are often arbiters in agreements between rival powers.

The current leadership of the Court of the Cosmos, the Kemet Ra, or King of Kemet, belongs to this faction. Upon assuming the solar throne, the Ra has final authority over all things within the realm. This position, although possessed of great authority and power is always under threat of assassination and uprising.

The Horii are excellent manipulators and if there are elaborate plots afoot, the odds are that there is a Horii involved. The complexity of the manipulations is in itself a symbol of status, and the more complex and manipulative the machinations are the more status the Horii gain when they are successful.

The exact powers and abilities of the Horii are not well known, but it appears that they must be formidable, as they have remained in power for a millennia or more. Horii are clever enough to avoid combat in situations where it is not advantageous to them. If a Horii is prepared for battle, it generally means it has taken steps to prepare the conditions to allow an almost inevitable outcome in their favor.



The most unusual of all the Kemet, at least in appearance, is the Isan. They unlike all the other members of the Court of the Cosmos appear entirely as adult human females. They do not appear to have any anthropomorphic attributes and are completely indistinguishable from human beings.

They always appear as female, and are generally always considered attractive by Human males. They seem to possess an innate ability to manipulate human men. It is unclear if this is a function of their beauty or some supernatural aura or scent. In addition to this disarming ability, they also seem to possess the powers of thaumaturgy. It is said that the Isan often act as doctors or healers among the Court of the Cosmos.

It is generally believed that they possess the ability to restore the dead to life, and to heal all maladies known to mankind. By association, it is believed that that may also shape human flesh as desired by touch, and also that they have the ability to inflict injury at a glance. In general their powers seem to be linked to health and this can be used in either the passive or negative aspect of the powers.

Isans may make forays into the human world frequently, although it is uncertain how often this takes place. Their appearance seems memorable, but in many cases individuals encountering them have often denied that they ever did so, despite evidence to the contrary. It is therefore, possible that the Isan has some ability to manipulate memory, or at the very least erase memories that they wish to delete.

The exact position of the Isan within the complex framework of the Court of the Cosmos is unclear. Their affiliations and alliances seem liquid and mutable and their agenda seems indecipherable, as many times they appear to be working on countermanding activities.



Osirians are amonst the least numerous of the Kemet. They have human male torsos, and the head of a Falcon. Like all other Kemet, their colorations and markings on their heads allow them to be recognized on the individual level.

They often act as special commanders or leaders in the Kemet military. It is unclear what sort of forces comprise these military forces, but the martial skill of the Osirians is renowned among the Kemet.

It is possible that the number of Osirians is strictly controlled by the Ra, although this is unconfirmed.

The Osirians are said to be immortal and unkillable. It is believed that no matter how much injury or dismemberment an Osirian suffers, they are capable of complete recovery. Supposedly, all that need happen is that any parts be recovered and placed close together for the Osirian to reform whole.

It is unclear what other powers Osirians may possess, but by all accounts, they make an extremely dangerous opponent, which would explain their limited numbers and their unique position as military commanders.

Osirians are generally considered friendlier than their Kemet counterparts, although it would be well to remember that they are still creatures of the unknown.

It is generally believed that the armies that they command are for the defense of the realm of Kemet and that they must be effective in order to act as a deterrent against other creatures of the unknown. If the Osirian is any indication of the abilities of the military Kemet possesses, then it must be assumed that the average foot soldier in the Kemet army may also be a significantly powerful creature.



Among the Kemet, the Wadji are the only faction to appear in the form of a serpentine figure. They are always female, and possess the head and neck of a serpent, usually a venomous variety. They often wear braided wigs or other head coverings as a means of beautification.

The Wadji are said to be very stealthy warriors, capable of moving silently as desired. They are excellent at hunting prey, their advanced senses and enhanced speed serving them well as trackers.

The Wadji are believed venomous, and it is said that the poison of a Wadji is incurable. They are believed to be able to shape shift into any type of serpent desired. It is also believed that they are able to command all serpents as well as using them as spies or scrying foci.

Wadji are generally believed to act as scryers and spies for the Court of the Cosmos. They sometimes act as assassins, when discretion is required.

Unlike most of the other factions, the Wadji seem to possess an almost religious calling. They function as priestesses, and undertake a semblance of religious ceremony and functions.

Any other powers that the Wadji may possess are undocumented. As a result when dealing with any of this faction, caution should be exercised.



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