Jade Court


The Jade Court is a vampire court operating in China, Japan and Southeast Asia. They are very secretive and are signatories of the Unseelie Accords.

The Jade Court is one of the four known Vampire courts to exist. They are the most secretive of these courts, however and as result they are the most mysterious.

The court seems to be active mostly in south central Asia. It is suspected that the court maintains a very low profile, and prefers to exercise it’s influence through proxies. In some cases, there are reasonable indications that the court operates through multi- regional criminal organizations.

The court is led by “the Empress”, although very little is known about her.

Members of the court seem to be always thirsty, and as such are often seen drinking water regularly.

The members of the court have the ability to appear human, but when desired also have the ability to take on a horrific visage.


Jade Court

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