Hammer Brothers


The Hammer Brothers are a pair of powerful Thaumaturgists local to Reno Nevada in the United States of America. They do not use their names, and as such no one knows who they are or where they come from. Theories are that they are very old, and that they originate from Scandinavia.

This theory is supported by their norse-like appearance, and their penchant for using a Norse style war hammer. it is believed that they were once viking warriors, although this is unconfirmed.

The brothers speak impeccable English. They were first encountered by SAVE, by the San Francisco Office in 1913. Since then, they have founded their own SAVE Office in Reno Nevada. They are the only two members of the Office and have been called upon for assistance by other offices many times over.

In 1936, they were called upon by Belkino of The 9, who apparently knows them from an earlier encounter. They assisted in the entrapment of Edo in the Never-Never. During that Battle they were instrumental in combating The Scourge, when they tried to enter the real world during the entrapment process.

They did this in concert with members of the The 9- Belkino, Erato, Ivaro and Clymenestra. They were joined by Envoys from the Vatican City SAVE Office.


Hammer Brothers

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