Geomatromancy is a discipline of Thaumaturgy dealing with the dimensionality of physical items. It is one of the most complex forms of thaumaturgy to describe, but practitioners of the art are capable of shifting the physical dimensions of objects along any plane, including an interior plane as they desire. An example of this would be to stretch a hallway to near infinite length, or to cause a tree to be paper thin. This power does not alter the properties of the affected item, but only it’s dimensional size. it can create a massive space inside a small object, or make an object impossibly thin. All original properties such as strength, mass, chemical composition or resilience remain unchanged.

A favorite trick is to create enlarged spaces inside smaller objects, to make items incredibly thin in order to open line-of-sight, to make items appear to “disappear” by making them nearly invisibly thin, or to stretch items such as ladders, poles or stairs to reach things previously unreachable.

Some practitioners use this with physical weapons to suddenly extend the reach of an otherwise seemingly short weapon.

This power is also usable to manipulate the mirror world, creating alternate locations differing from their real-world counterparts.



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