Enchanted Stake


An Enchanted Stake is a wooden stake used exclusively by the Order of Saint Giles to stake Red Court vampires. The stakes are enchanted to disrupt the utterance of the death Curse that is issued by a Thaumaturgist at the moment of their death. The stakes are made exclusively for the Order and is considered a closely guarded secret. These stakes help level the playing field when the Order fights the Red Court, as they are both vampires and Thaumaturgists.

According to Father Pedro Manuel Rogerio even revealing their existence to those outside the order is a reason to be executed as a traitor. despite this, he revealed them to the Vatican City SAVE Office, when he requested their assistance in clearing out a group of Red Court attempting to perform a powerful ritual at the All Saints Health Resort in 1936.

The Stakes are destroyed when the vampire is destroyed, making them one-use. Additionally, unlike other stakes, they are not required to be driven into the chest or through the heart. Being embedded in any part of the Thaumaturgists body is sufficient to disrupt the Death curse.

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Enchanted Stake

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