Code Duello

The Code Duello is the real-world rules of etiquette regarding duels, and is the basis for the rules on duels as descibed in the Unseelie Accords.

The Rules

  1. The organisations that represent the duelers pick an emissary from the list of neutral emissaries.
  2. The chosen emissary decides on a list of available weapons, such as magic or will.
  3. The challenged picks the weapons, and the challenger picks the time and location.
  4. The available weapons are not necessarily restricted to those usable by both parties. If the challenger can’t use the weapon the challenged chose, they can force the challenged to take their second choice.
  5. Each party must have a second.
  6. The seconds collaborate with the emissary (The Archive) to work out the terms of the duel.


Code Duello

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