Buried Beneath


The Buried Beneath is a powerful outsider that lives deep underground. They normally exist in a state of slumber , slowly regaining their power, expended earlier in the Oblivion War. Exceptionally dangerous, these Outsiders are massive and tank-like. They are exceptionally resilient to damage and capable of laying entire countries to waste if allowed to run amok.

The buried beneath remains powerful as long as it remains in contact with the ground, as it seems to draw some unknown type of energy through it’s connection.

In 1936, the Vatican City SAVE Office encountered a Buried Beneath that was summoned by a Red Court Viscount during a battle at the All Saints Health Resort, northwest of Rome.

As the Summoner was killed, the creature possessed free will and began to destroy those that summoned him. The creature was banished by Professor Otto Van Libbenstat, who was a member of MHI, using an unknown tome of power.

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Buried Beneath

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